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Free Card Games

Free Card Games

With the advent of online casino gambling, casino card games have also found their way to the World Wide Web. This has made online casino gambling not only easier but also a lot more convenient. A player doesn’t need to travel to a land casino to enjoy a good game of poker. Now, a player can sit in his bed and enjoy a game of… Read More »Free Card Games

Primate King game review

Primate King game review

The wet jungle in The Primate King reminds us of the computer game Monkey Island, with a mysterious gorilla mouth cave on the left and human skulls on the right. For Red Tiger, creating visually pleasing games is not a problem, but they can screw up the mathematical model. However, this time it is far from the worst. Without the bonus round you would expect,… Read More »Primate King game review

Free Spin Slots - How to Take Advantage of Free Spin Slots

Free Spin Slots – How to Take Advantage of Free Spin Slots

Live on free spin slots casino slots, free online casino games would be an excellent way to get familiar with online gambling. While at home, live online casino games would normally be accessible only to paying guests, free online casino slots are available to anybody for free. They can easily be accessed by just about anybody, whether you’re rich or poor, student or retiree. In… Read More »Free Spin Slots – How to Take Advantage of Free Spin Slots

Book of Dead

Book of Dead game review

It cannot be denied that Book of Dead is very similar to Book of Ra, which is one of the most popular physical slot machines of all time. Some would call it a rip-off, but that doesn’t really detract from the fact that it’s a damn good game anyway. Shakespeare stole like a raven, like most artists. The same goes for slots and games. Our… Read More »Book of Dead game review