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Posted on 16 June 2013

Braddock Tiles is just a sprout of an idea, but we have deep roots.

Our work will be the creative re-imagining of one corner of a place we love.

In 2007, myself, and a group of artist’s now know as Transformazium began working in North Braddock, Pennsylvania. The work began around an interest in urban farming, and in making  an abandoned 19th century steel-boom-era church into a thriving public space again. The work has been as slow as it has been rich in detail and experience. Transformazium lives and works in North Braddock, and does incredible and dedicated neighborhood building work, including a deep involvement with arts programming at the Braddock’s Carnegie library.

For my part, I am thinking of the revamping of the church building as a work of art in progress. 

Our first big project, after the September 2012 fund-raiser that helped us make a huge wave of initial repairs to the building, will be a brand new hand made ceramic tile roof.

So, as Braddock Tiles, myself and ceramicist Kt Tierney are laying the groundwork for an artisinal micro-factory that will hand produce the 20,000 tiles needed to repair the roof in stunning color.

We want each stage of revamping the building to itself be an engaging and positive force in the community.

Each step of the way since 2007 has been supported by the involvement of a very big hearted community of artists. Artists who have helped fund-raise by donating art, artists who have painted murals and created site specific art installations, who helped deconstruct sections of the church building, and even clear the adjacent lot and build a super adobe dome in the soon to be orchard across the street. I’d like to celebrate the opening of our newest endeavor, Braddock Tiles, by sharing some photos of the artists who volunteered to do nails and hair at our “Pearly’s Beauty Shop” fund raiser last September.

This work is the fruit of the efforts of so many, and we are extremely grateful!

Check em’ out doing their finest!


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