• Swoon: 2018 Silkscreen Tile (3)
  • Swoon: 2018 Silkscreen Tile (3)
  • Swoon: 2018 Silkscreen Tile (3)

Braddock Tiles

Swoon: 2018 Silkscreen Tile (3)

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Large (8”) ceramic tile screen printed with an original design by Swoon and unglazed. This leaves the surface matte, rather than the smooth, shiny surface of our other tiles. Handmade in Braddock, Pennsylvania and fired to nearly 2,500 degrees in a reduction gas kiln, making each one unique and durable. They can be hung on the wall as a work of art, displayed in a holder, used functionally around the home, or installed in a back splash or in some other architectural flourish.

Note: Each tile is made by hand and therefore unique.  Expect variations in color, size & shape. 

Please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping. 

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