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Braddock Tiles is a socially engaged, non-profit project that produces durable handmade ceramic architectural tiles and fine art tiles. Situated in the neighborhood of Braddock, PA and within the larger context of post-industrial unemployment, we are committed to creating job opportunities for our neighbors and providing work readiness programming for young adults.

We have in invaluable partnership with the Braddock Youth Project, a very successful youth employment and empowerment program serving the local community since 2006. Braddock Tiles has served as a work site for youth since 2016. Local youth discover the ceramic medium by learning the art of tile making and have opportunities to explore other tools and techniques in the shop. Over the months, youth develop "soft" job skills and learn to make high quality, hand-crafted architectural tiles. To learn more about their great work, please visit their site: http://braddockyouth.org/

Since 2013, Braddock Tiles has called the Bathhouse Ceramic Studio within the historic Braddock Carnegie Library our home. We continue to mix our clay and glazes, make our molds, and fire our tiles to cone ten in the well-equipped community studio while our business grows. We would like to thank the Library for their incredible generosity and support, and encourage you to visit their website to learn more about their arts programming here.

Braddock Tiles began as a project of the Heliotrope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by artist Caledonia Curry, also known as Swoon, and is now incorporated as an independent project fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising. If you would like to support our work readiness program or donate to our capital fund for a permanent studio space, please click here: https://www.newsunrising.org/project/braddock-tiles/ or email us at ceramicist@braddocktiles.org and Thank you!!



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