Our Team

Katie Johnson

Project Manager, Braddock Tiles

Katie Johnson is a Pittsburgh-based artist with over 10 years of experience as a ceramicist– working as a potter in North Carolina, studying sculpture at the University of North Carolina and then coming to Braddock Tiles to work as a tile maker and project coordinator. She also manages the Bathhouse Ceramic Studio at the Braddock Carnegie library, where she periodically teaches workshops and develops arts programming.


KT Tierney

Project Manager and Head Ceramicist & Designer, Braddock Tiles

KT is a ninth generation Pennsylvanian who has lived and worked in North Braddock since 2010. As head ceramicist for Braddock Tiles KT has developed many of the architectural tile designs and the molds for Swoon’s slip cast series, along with other technical and creative contributions to the project. KT also has over 10 years of experience in the field of ceramics and makes both sculptural and functional forms. Both inside and outside the studio, KT is an active participant in the struggle for ecological and social justice.

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